1. Venus Sex Show - Balls And Lots of Them

    Birthing Balls At first glance they look like birthing balls - the giant extra-strong beach balls that are used for exercise by pregnant women and (probably) people who don't pronounce "pilates" to rhyme with "pirates".

    But take a second look, there's most evidently something amiss. Or in addition. The brains behind the Sexcerciseball have taken the common or garden (and inoffensive) birthing ball and turned it into something all the more exciting - and they're claiming a world first in the process.

    Birthing Balls with a Vibrator Attachment A closer looks reveals that they've adapted the ball to feature a socket into which you can screw a variety of attachments.

    "Simply screw in safely for the ride of your life," runs the blurb, adding that the 65cm balls have "anti-burst technology" for toning and strengthening.

    Your choice of attachments is, if not unlimited, quite varied. You might, for example, go for a realistic pleaser, like this dong that has the added benefit of a vibrating egg clitoral stimulator.

    Birthing Ball Bugs Bunny Alternatively, you might like to choose a vibrator attachment that looks uncannily like Bugs Bunny.

    "What's up, Doc?" was his catchphrase.

    "You are," is Sexcerciseball's answer.

    Oh, and they include a foot pump so it'll never be a let-down.