1. George Clooney and a Liberator Wedge is...Hot?

    Liberator Wedge

    The other day I got an email from Ruth, giving me a link to a little story about George Clooney being pictured carrying what appears to be a Liberator Wedge. Now Ruth is a dear lass, but bless her, clearly behind the times. I mean, who finds George Clooney attractive anymore? Surely his sexual escapades (or doctor-ordered therapy, I'm not here to speculate) are of no interest to the common woman? I laughingly showed this email to the girls in the office.

    Twenty minutes and half a pint of blood later, I found that I had, in fact, been mistaken about the attractiveness and viability of one Mr. George Clooney…

    My apologies.

    So go and see for yourselves. The ramp is purple, which does indicate that it is indeed a Liberator and not an orthopedic device, so you can let you minds drift in a flurry of naughty clooney-isms.

    And if you want to try out your own sex furniture with your personal Clooney, Lovehoney has a good range, with the Wedge, the Cube, the Ramp (a far larger Wedge, which can be used in combination), and the one I've had my eye on for ages, the Esse. There are all sorts of bits and bobs to go with them--including various bondage add-ons, so have a look through the sex furniture range and see what catches your fancy.

    Just don't come to me crying when you realize that George Clooney looks awfully smug.

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