1. Women Have a Prostate? Yay!

    Adam and Eve Cyber 5x Hot Handle

    So yesterday, while talking about men with high sex drives, I made an aside comment about not having a prostate. A nothing comment, really, because gosh darnit, women don't have prostates, case closed.

    Except it sort of sparked a memory of something I had read once. What can I say? I'm an internet bowerbird. I also hate making statements that I'm not completely sure are accurate, so I double-checked. And found that I was right about being wrong. According to this, what was once known as a woman's paraurethral or Skene's glands is now officially our prostate.

    In real terms, that doesn't mean much to your day to day life. Except that it helps to explain the phenomenon of female ejaculation. Apparently, that is just the same thing the boys have been doing for eons. Now scientists will speculate for ages on why only some women ejaculate and blah blah blah does this have to do with survival traits and yadda yadda yadda and all I hear is…

    Ladies, we need to do it.

    Seriously, how cool is this experiment? Oodles of fun and you get the chance to decry decades of medical knowledge. I love it.

    Now, theoretically, some women can do it through plain old intercourse alone. But I think those ladies are rare like the unicorn. What you need is repeated stimulation, very shallowly in your vagina--pressing hard about two inches in, back and forth on that wee spongy patch.

    You can save everyone's fingers by getting a toy suited for the job with the requisite curve already in place, like the Slimline G-Spot Vibrator or the Adam and Eve Cyber 5x Hot Handle. Would a spot of Oooh! That's it! G-Spot Stimulation Gel help? I don't know, but it seems worth trying.

    Don't forget your towel, and good luck, peeps.