1. Practice makes perfect: get better at sex

    You weren't able to ride a bike perfectly on your first go, so what makes you think you can perfect a new sex move after just one attempt?

    Loads of people write off new sex positions or erotic acts because they can't get to grips with them the first time, but don't miss out on a mind-blowing move because you're either to lazy or to easily put off to give it a second shot.

    Three is the magic number, or so they say, so apply this rule in the bedroom and give every new position, sex toy or activity three outings before you write it off. For example, no-one can get anal sex down to a fine art during their first foray, which means loads of men and women are missing out on some incredible G-spot action because their first experience was either too tight, uncomfortable or just plain awkward.

    Try any of your new sex toys or erotic activities at least another two times, and we bet that you'll feel a lot more comfortable and up for it the next time.

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    • anand: October 19, 2007 12:22
      please send me the best things to make better sex to my wife
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