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  1. Missing in action: maintain your erection during sex!

    Spartacus Nitrile Cock Rings 5 PackThere's a reason man invented Cock Rings, and it wasn't just to make the penis look bigger than normal…

    Picture the scene: you're in the middle of a steamy session with some amazingly hot lover, you get over-excited and you shoot your load too soon. Sound familiar?

    Or how about: try as you might, your erection seems to be falling fast and your lover is getting increasingly frustrated and worried that it's something to do with them. Well fear not, because help is at hand…

    If you have found yourself in either of the above situations, you should familiarize yourself with a Cock Ring and quick! Not only will it help to convert a week, lack-luster erection into a great big throbbing love sword, but it can also help delay premature ejaculation.

    Cock Rings are used by millions of men the world over to maximise the efforts of their penis in bed. Beginners are better off sticking to flexible silicone or Nitrile (skin safe rubber) Cock Rings until they get used to pulling them on and off, while seasoned users can indulge in a steel version such as the Steelmaster Heavy Metal Cock Ring.

    So if you're in need of some bigger, longer lasting erections, it's about time you gave your penis a ring…

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