1. Embrace your lover's fantasies

    Official DC Comics Wonder Woman Costume Don't be threatened by your lover's admission that he fantasizes about someone else – embrace it to bring you both closer in the bedroom

    Whether your guy has a crush on the girl in your local shop, some sexy movie starlet or a character from his favourite childhood comic, try not to feel threatened by his admission. Instead see it as something you can use to help make your bond stronger in the bedroom.

    If your man has a crush on a TV star or super hero, then you have it easy: there's tons of costumes to help transform you into the woman of his sexual dreams, so give it a shot!

    We love this incredibly saucy Wonder Woman costume, but there's tons to choose from including Little Red Riding Hood, Bat Girl and the ever popular Naughty Nurse.

    So when you're lying in bed with your man tonight, ask him who his fantasy woman is, then track down an outfit to help you make his dreams a reality. This will also work for you, as there's loads of outfits available now that your man can wear too…

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