1. "Honey, I was just thinking..." How to Bring Sex Toys into Your Relationship Part IV

    Since introducing the topic of how to introduce sex toys to your partner, I have given a lot of advice. I have suggested that you keep things simple, starting out with toys that are not so advanced that you frighten or repel your partner before you ever get started. I have also advised that you remember to keep it fun--reducing the pressure and anxiety associated with trying new things in the bedroom leads to more good times for everyone.

    But this is the last week, so I will end with the most important advice there is to give on how to introduce sex toys into your sex life:

    Know your partner

    I can tell you what works in general and what should be the case, but if you read this and think, "I know my pookie-bear would be up for handcuffs, not this silly bondage tape", then go for it. Good sex is based on a foundation of understanding and communication. Talk to your partner--find out what their fears are about fantasy and toy play. Find out what things they have been thinking about…what do they want to try? What do they think they really don't want to try? All the advice you can ever get online is only a guideline. The real work has to come from your best sex tool: communication with your lover.

    Toys can add an awful lot to the sex life between two open-minded, loving partners…get out there and have a good time!

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