1. Bringing Your Superpowers to the Bedroom - Heroes' Fantasies

    3 Piece Cheerleader Hen Set Last week, I brought up the idea of using the show Prison Break to spice up your bedroom antics. So I think you know what I was thinking when watching Heroes last night…

    We might not have super powers for real, but we can usually convince at least one other person that we are amazing - it helps if you get naked for that, I think. So grab some pom-poms if you're cheerleader inclined, some Edible Body Paint Pens if you're needing to paint pictures of future erotic times, or a Feather Boa, if you fancy yourself a stripper with a supernaturally strong kinda sorta dead twin. As you do.

    If the heroes on the show are a little too realistic for you, there is no reason not to try out some classics to see how they feel. Who wouldn't want to be called Wonder Woman or Super Man? And for all the women out there who always fantasized about getting underneath Batman's cool exterior, now's your chance… unless some enterprising Robin out there decides to find out the truth behind the Dynamic Duo's relationship once and for all.

    It's all fun and games, peeps, so put away your real life and have fun playing like kids again. Slightly naughty kids, it has to be said.

    Batgirl Superman Supergirl Batman <Cheerleader

    Just remember, boys and girls, if you don't really have superpowers, make sure you bend with your knees, not with your back. And if you try to fly off the chest of drawers, make sure you can make it to land on the bed. Nobody needs those kinds of hospital visits. Nobody.