1. How to (erotically) torture your lover

    Spartacus Nipple Clamps And Clit Clamp With ChainLike the sound of nipple clamps, bondage chains and silk ties? Then it's high-time you spent the night sensually torturing your lover…

    For many people, the feeling of helplessness is a precusor of sexual arousal, and the concept of being subjected to bondage and fetish activities to which you have no control over can be mind-blowing.

    If you and your lover want to try your hand at some sado-masochism role play, why not allow your lover to be the 'master' and you be his slave (later on you can reverse roles). For any great session of role play you need some essential torture toys such as Nipple Clamps, Paddles, Whips and Body Chains.

    If you're on a budget and can only opt for one toy, go for something like theSpartacus Nipple Clamps And Clit Clamp With Chain. This kinky little number will stimulate your nips and clit at the same time, and it can also be manipulated by you or your lover.

    If you need some pointers to help you and your lover get started on some erotic torture, try these for size:

    Get your lover to wrap chains or silk ties around your nipples and between your legs, then vary the pressure of the ties by tightening the binds. If your 'master' is in control of this, opt for a safety word that tells him to stop when you really want him to stop if the pressure is too much for you.

    You could also have the chains or ties slipped between your buttocks and over your clitoris, whereby your lover can masturbate you. In keeping with the erotic torture aspect, your lover should stop just before you orgasm, keep you hanging, then start up again mixing pain and pleasure for as long as he sees fit (or until you use your safety word).

    Finally, with your chains still wrapped around you, your lover can use them as a harness and 'ride' you like a horse during sex. He should order you to keep still and quiet while he has his way with you, and if you move or make a sound, your punishment will be that he stops until you behave yourself!

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