1. Monogamy Is All Fun and Games

    Monogamy I am always on the lookout for fun things to do for couples and an obvious place to look is in the games section. Unfortunately, one of the great unspoken truths is that adult novelty games are a big gamble. What looks like a romantic, sexy game chock full of accessories for a sensual evening can end up being a tea light on top of a can lid for a "candle holder" and a plastic rose. Not that I'm still bitter about that one.


    You can imagine my glee, then, when I find that there is a game out there that is getting fabulous reviews and looks like a worthwhile game for improving communication with your partner, not just being told to lick various parts of other people's bodies (not that I have anything against that…)

    With four reviews and an overall average of four and a half stars, this one looks like something well-worth giving a go. A sample of what they're saying:

    " My first impression when this arrived in the post was that this is cut above the other adult games around. Most I have seen are of poor quality and look very tacky. This is designed to look (to put it bluntly) a bit more sophisticated…

    Overall the game was great fun and had my wife and I talking and laughing throughout as well as exploring some sexual practices that we would not have considered before but may now repeat."

    "We had loads of fun with a lot of laughter and it really opened us up to talking to each other about sexual things, what we liked etc, and to trying things that we might not have thought of or wanted to suggest without the game."

    "I would give this a full-on rating. I think it is an excellent game. If we found it fun, and sexy, then I can only imagine what a revolutionising effect it would have on a couple whose sex life has perhaps been suffering from lack of attention."

    An evening of fun talking and playing with your partner, with a game that can be called "a bit more sophisticated"? I can't think of much better. This definitely sounds like one to have on hand for a weekend spent home together.

    Confidential to The Guy: You should pick this up for me. I want it!

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