1. Jeff Stryker Makes A Bid For My Affections

    Take it Slow I've never been much of a dildo girl, really. I like a few bells and whistles (and by "bells and whistles", I think we all know I mean "that puppy better vibrate like his life is on the line"), but I can't ignore six seriously fantastic reviews over at the Orgasm Army. You get six individual people who love a toy so much they want to write about it AND that toy manages to average a full five stars? Well, that gets my attention.

    The Jeff Stryker Cock and Balls Realistic Dildo is, as you can imagine, moulded from the porn star himself--so even without looking at the image, you should know that this is going to be a toy that packs some size.

    An insertable length of 10 inches and a circumference of 7 inches makes this one for serious players only and you may want to stock up on some lube first. But for size queens and the adventurous, it sounds like it might be worth it. Here is a bit of what the folks are saying…

    " This is one cock to have in the bedside drawer! It is impressive and feels so good. The wide part just behind the head, stretched me so well the first time I used it and I could feel it move up inside me. It certainly gets the g-spot on the way! And the texture is good, too.

    It's nice to sit on and I find I keep going back to it - the others just don't do it for me any more….. Now, where can I find the real thing??!…"

    "This incredible toy makes quite an impression from the moment you open the box. Large, soft, smooth, pale, and with that pronounced downward arc, it's simply beautiful…"

    One of the reasons I so love reading the readers' reviews over at Orgasm Army is because you sometimes find out things that the manufacturer's don't tell you…

    " I've had "Jeff" for years and found by accident he's still on the market, not surprised he's great! I can get excited cleaning him, rubbing the length to get him clean is like giving a hand job….. Ooops it says not waterproof but my favorite place to play with him is in the shower. (he's as good as new and I've been doing that for years)"

    I think it might be time to make an addition to my wishlist that doesn't have the usual bells and whistles…

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