1. Cosmopolitan Sexercise 100 Truly Explosive Tips

    Cosmopolitan Sexercise 100 Truly Explosive TipsLose weight and have fun all at the same time with some raunchy sexercise

    Did you know that during a normal, run of the mill 10-minute sex session, men can lose a paltry 19 to 25 calories, while women can expect to burn off a measley 17 to 21 calories?

    Sexercise, on the other hand, is proven to burn off a whopping 88 to 124 calories for men and anywhere between 88 and 106 calories for women per 10-minute sexercise session.

    Specifically developed exercises to perform while screwing your lover, sexercise is becomingly widely practised among erotic pros and newcomers alike. And now that Cosmopolitan have released their kick-ass book packed full of tips and sexercises, you too can get in on what is a great way to lose weight while having mind-blowing orgasms.