1. Why shallow thrusting will rock your world!

    News flash: not all women love to be fucked by a jackhammer penis, and men are slowly begining to learn that shallow thrusting is way sexier than the vaginal equivalent of deep throat…

    The highest concentration of nerve endings in your vagina are actually near the opening, so it makes sense that the majority of your lover's efforts should be concentrated on this area.

    With this in mind, shallow penetration is the way forward. By only slipping his penis in and out of the opening of your vagina (and not delving all the way in), your lover will stimulate a truck-load more nerve endings, making you a lot more tingly from tip to toe!

    It's also good news for your bloke, since shallow thrusting means constant stimulation to the head of your man's penis and frenulum, both of which get squeezed by your vaginal muscles located near your vaginal opening.

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    • sexybeast: October 04, 2007 20:34
      Sorry we can't agree you have implied there is a set pattern to what women want or expect and this is just not the case. Even the same woman on different occasions may feel turned on by varying things. Sometimes faster, sometimes slower , sometimes deeper sometimes shallower and any combination of all. You can't put women in a bag and expect results. They are far more complex and interesting than that. Thats why we who are good are good and the rest use you for masterbation.
    • maverick: October 05, 2007 15:38
      Sexybeast - you are right to a point, but your parting comment suggests an arrogance of epic proportions. I have had good and bad sex with various people over the years, one I had crap sex with went on to have really wild sex with a friend of mine, she and I didn't click s'all, she clicked with a fellow carrot top!! Just because "you who are good are good" now, doesn't mean you won't be crap elsewhere with another partner, it's 25% chemistry, 25% experience and 50% communication.

      While Bad Kitty is stretching it a bit with the 'newsflash' she has a good point, somewhere out there is a Claire Bear I once had the pleasure of pleasuring! and she loved a long tease as Bad Kitty describes, she then wanted a dam good hard fuck! Horses for courses!!!

    • skinstrip: October 05, 2007 19:06
      maverick, i couldn't agree with you any more!
    • sucki: October 07, 2007 16:06
      Communication - well, if that is what you call it ... shallow? deep? yes please but more importantly, put in what you expect to get out of it and if you both do the same... blast off and welcome to the stars
    • e-rog-enous: October 26, 2007 19:17
      hw can i get better communication with my ex. We both found otheer people t sleep with since we broke up, but they are really just fuck toys. So nothing near exclusivity. Our relationship had gerat sex the whole time, but we had alot of non verbal communication. i know i gotta make her laugh and talk to me, but is how can i better the odds for sex when i'm in town? Communication during sex i got down. But this new guy is obviously something fun. I just want to get some of that good action again.
      ... this is a new position for me. Any advice would help.
    • maverick: October 29, 2007 19:21
      "better the odds ..... when I'm in town"

      Suggest you find someone who can tolerate such an old school, unreconstructed, selfish git...No offence!!

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