1. Making Your Own Prison Break

    Double Lock Police Handcuffs With Prison Break back on the air, it is time to curl up on the couch and drool.

    I'm sorry. What I meant to say was that it is time to enjoy this compelling drama filled with complex characters, intricate plot details, and intense emotions.

    And drool. Because let's not lie, the ladies are watching this programme for cut bad boys all locked away for their naughtiness. Their…naughtiness. Now, enjoying the show is one thing. But how much better to take that enjoyment to the bedroom? Luckily there are plenty of costumes out there that let you tap into your helpless prisoner/harsh prison guard fantasies. And with the beauty of Lovehoney, you can even change around which role you play on any given night.

    Don't forget the handcuffs. And the paddle. And maybe a better kind of shiv…. And…excuse me. I believe I'm going to go do a bed check…

    Sexy Convict Sexy Cop Male Convict Sexy Policewoman

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    • Lisa Ventura: October 01, 2007 15:20
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