1. Great sex positions: the Mini Crab

    Apart from girl on top positions, this one is the most effective for producing female orgasms through penetrative sex

    Many of us find it difficult to orgasm through penetrative sex due to a number of reasons – stress, vaginal dryness, uncomfortable levels of penetration – but there are a few positions where climaxing is easily within reach.

    The Mini Crab is one of those positions where many women find their chances of orgasm a lot greater than with others.

    The most important aspect of the Mini Crab is the props you use: one or two bed pillows, depending on the depth of penetration and level of friction you prefer on your clit, and tons and tons of lubricant!

    Make an effort to perform foreplay on each other before you have sex. No matter how tired you are, even a few minutes of gentle, tentative foreplay will make all the difference in making you wetter and more relaxed for your lover to penetrate you.

    Once you AND your lover are completely lubed up, prop your pillows underneath the small of your back and lie down on top of them. You may feel as though your genitals are incredibly exposed in this position, but that's the whole point; the more exposed your clit is to your lover's pelvic and abdominal area, the more friction there will be on your clit and the more chance you will have of orgasming.

    The beauty of the Mini Crab is that you can opt to keep your legs closed around your lover's penis or spread wide to accommodate him, as both will ensure your clit is primed at an angle that's perfect for being rubbed during sex.

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