1. Tantric Sex: Pelvic Bouncing

    Not everything in Tantric Sex takes hours; this libido-boosting exercise can be accomplished in minutes

    Pelvic Bouncing is an incredibly simple but effective exercise that can help you and your lover kick-start your libido and share your sexual energy. It's extremely easy to do, and the resulting surge of energy you will feel after a session of bouncing will make you comfortable and ready to play…

    To begin your session, lie on your back with your feet flat on your bed or floor and keep your knees bent. Have your arms by your sides with your palms facing upwards, then breathe in and out deeply for a few minutes to help release tension.

    Press your heels down onto your bed or floor and raise your hips. Now begin bouncing your pelvis up and down rhythmically at whatever speed you feel comfortable with.

    Try to continuously bounce for one minute, rest and breathe deeply for 30 seconds, then bounce for another minute. Try two sets of bouncing to begin with, working up to five sets when you get into the swing of it.

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