1. Play a game of blindfold vibe

    Vibrators can be used on both men and women, so make the most of yours by playing a kinky game of 'blindfold vibe'

    To play this saucy little game, the only thing you will need is your lubed-up vibrator and a scarf or blindfold to cover your lover's eyes.

    Once you lover's blindfold is in place, lie them down on your bed or on a throw on the floor, with their arms and legs spread open. Try not to let them touch you in anyway or they will spoil the game as they'll be able to guess where you are.

    What you need to do to play blindfold vibe is to switch your vibrator on, then use it on different parts of your lover's body; mix it up though, stimulating their inner thigh one minute, their armpit the next, then their genitals, etc, so that they don't know which part of their body you will focus on next.

    This sense of not knowing and having no control over the situation will increase their excitement tenfold, making them a much more horny and more prone to orgasm.

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