1. Hitting the Spot - How to Have an Orgasm

    Ooooh! That's the spot!

    One of the lieutenants over at Orgasm Army asked recently for some advice on how to have an orgasm. That is always a tricky question and the answer can be very different for each person, but she did get a couple of responses to head her in the right direction.

    I suggested taking her time and changing her focus:

    "Having an orgasm--especially through penetration--takes a really strange combination of focus and inattention. You have to be focused on the moment (as in, not thinking about the shopping you need to do, the conversation you had earlier…), but also not focusing on whether or not you're going to come… "

    And General Laynie had her own advice:

    The trick is to just focus on whats happening down there and just enjoy it for what it is.. get into a good rhythm and it will happen..

    The first time I had a very powerful "O" was when my hubby tied me down and totally tormented me… he would enter me slowly and then take it completely out and slowly rub my clitoris, then enter me again going in and out slowly for a few minutes then come out again.. this drove me crazy so crazy the time after he entered me I was a quivering wreck on the bed legs like jelly :P

    Also it's good if you ride him while he is sat up, this is best done on a sofa, and let him finger you at the same time as he is in there… this also gets me every time! hope some of this helps, you must be pretty frustrated by now!

    A woman's orgasm can be a tricky, fickle thing, but there are some things you can do to help yourself (or your partner along). First, ease up on the pressure. That doesn't help anyone and nothing will make you lose your buildup to an orgasm faster than thinking "I hope I come soon". Second, take your time. Rushing it makes it even more elusive. And third, use whatever tools are at your disposal that make things easier for you.

    Some things you might want to try: Tracy Cox Supersex Orgasm Enhancer Gel, Ooooh! That's it! G-Spot Stimulation Gel, or the Synergy Pleasure System Vibrator.

    As always, if you have any questions or need some advice, a great place to ask is Orgasm Army. Alternatively, you can always submit a question here.

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