1. How to spank sensuously

    The aim with spanking is to keep it sensual at all times and maintain that erotic energy between you and your lover

    To make your spanking a sensual affair, begin by caressing and rubbing your lover's ass in the area where you're about to spank.

    After you've lavished some attention on their butt, you can now cup your hands ever so slightly, keeping your fingers together and spanking in an upwards motion as though to gently graze your lover's butt cheek. Hold your hand over the spanked area for a few seconds afterwards, providing a warm, sensual contrast to the spanking.

    The ultimate act of sensual spanking is of course to spank your lover's butt several times during sex, rubbing it sensually after each session of spanking to keep it erotic but still loving.

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    • paul: January 04, 2011 17:42
      i think the best way to spank is yes the way you have stated but over the knee bare bottom is best. not fast but have your lover over your knee and rub his/her bottom in the area youare about to spank. dont do it fast and do it with an open hand or if you are going to use an impliment such as a paddle do it slow very slow and well it depends on the spankee if it hurts them or not but eith er rub the cheek you just spanked or spank very slowly. use of lubricant helps as well as the cold sensation takes teh pain of the spank away witrh some people well it does me.
      yes iv been spanked before and the spanker used something cold (not sure what it was, gel or something) and it helped big time!
      try it fellow spankees oh and if you cant find anyone, i live in london UK and would be happy to let anyone spank me lol
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