1. Great sex positions: Rajasthan

    Make love Indian-style with this Kama Sutra classic…

    Your lover should sit on your bed with his back straight and legs stretched out in front of him. You should then sit sideways on his lap with your right arm around his shoulder and your legs bent together, pointing around his lower back.

    You should then lean back, placing your left hand on your lover's leg for support. Curl your left leg around your lover's waist and clasp your right ankle in your right hand. Gently raise your left leg in front of your lover, bringing it down to rest on his right shoulder with your toes pointing skywards. Your lover should then place his right palm behind him to balance your movements.

    Finally, your lover should draw you onto him, with his right arm around your waist as you flatten your left foot on the bed for support and place your right arm around your lover's neck.

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