1. Erotic Author Lisa Ventura Outed - 5 Erotic Books to Stick it to The Man

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    I was reading through the Metro paper the other day, when I saw one of those little "and finally…" pieces. You know the ones that are more little blurbs than real news stories? It was on a woman named Lisa Ventura, a writer of erotica. Here is the copy:

    A Tory council candidate is leading a double life as an erotic writer who reviews sex toys online. Lisa Ventura is standing in Thursday's election in the St. Clement ward of Worcester but she has also been running eroticfiction.org for seven years. In it, the 32-year-old uses the alias Rose McCaine to discuss her sex life. In her latest entry on the 'Rose's Journal' blog, she writes about visiting the Italian town of Sorrento, using a sex toy and praises 'hot' Italian men. Ms. Ventura declined to comment yesterday.

    As you can imagine, much shock and horror followed her "outing". She has subsequently deleted all her work from online and has given up her various gigs as a sex advisor. I haven't seen how she fared in the election, but I know I am pulling for her (Tory or no).

    I'm not sure why we're still treating erotica like it is something we should be ashamed of--sexual fantasies lead to healthy sex lives, which lead to people not going crazy and starting wars. At least, this is my theory. So, in the spirit of solidarity with those brave men and women who go out there every day and fearlessly write our erotica for us, I say we all need to go and buy some of their work.

    Some good ones to try:

    Women's Sexual Fantasies
    1. Women's Sexual Fantasies
    With four reviews giving an average of four and a half stars over on the Orgasm Army, you can trust that you're going to be getting some heat with this one. One of the first books out there to feature real women writing about their own stories, it is very much relateable.

     Confessions of a Girl with a One Track Mind

    2. Confession of a Girl with a One Track Mind
    "Abby Lee" will know well what Lisa Ventura is going through--she produced her site, which explicitly followed her own sex life, and published her book anonymously. Right after publication, though, she was outed. The fall-out from that had an incredible impact on her. Check out her book, which is erotic in the way that only true life can be.

    The Story of O
    3. The Story of O Anne Desclos wrote The Story of O under the pen name Pauline Réage - she actually outed herself. But she did wait until forty years after its publication… only four years before her death.

     Superhotsex4. Superhotsex
    Never one to hide, Tracey Cox boldly uses her real name and has been out there for years showing us all how to have better sex. Support the ladies who openly talk about sex (or just get a great book filled with great tips).

     Women On Top5. Women On Top
    Nancy Friday is absolutely inspiring. Not only does she write under her real name - and managed to publish several books on erotica that revolutionized the world of sexual fantasy - but she has helped countless women to embrace their own sexuality and talk about their own fantasies openly. Good on you, Nancy - and kudos to all the women who put their fantasies down on paper and sent them in.

    Erotica is integral to our sexuality - how else do you get all hot and bothered, if not by running through some steamy scenes in your mind? Let us all be thankful to the people who make it easier for us to get off - go out and support their work. Not only will you help your sex life, but you can also feel satisfied that you've made the world a better place.

    Fancy trying your hand at erotica? Why not give it a go with Lovehoney's Erotic Story Competition? Whether you submit a story with your real name or a pen name is up to you…

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    • Lisa Ventura: September 29, 2007 17:01
      Actually the site is still online. Unfortunately at the time the story broke, it was just down for maintenance as you will see if you have a look at the front page! Thanks for rooting for me anyway, Tory or not!