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  1. Jacuzzi sex therapy

    Next time you and your lover hit the local health spa, grab a saucy moment in the jacuzzi and make each other come through the power of bubbles!

    Yes, that's right, the jet stream bubbles pumped out in a jacuzzi are sensational when directed towards your lover's clitoris or penis.

    Women, more so than men, love the relentless sensation of a jet stream pounding bubbles onto their clitoris, so if you're lucky enough to have the jacuzzi to yourselves, position her body so that her vagina is near a strong jet stream and watch her try to keep quiet as she comes!

    Not only is a jacuzzi great for making you feel horny, it's also ideal for increasing your blood circulation, relaxing tight muscles and lowering stress levels…

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    • Jack: November 02, 2007 23:18
      Jacuzzis are definitely not just for women. As a man, I love the feeling of relentless stimulation from a jacuzzi jet. I've had orgasms that were - no exaggeration - as long as 30 seconds.

      Unlike using a hand, a water jet takes less effort and work, leaving both hands free, letting me focus more on what feels good. The key to it is wearing a tight suit, either speedos or tight jammer shorts (loose clothes just don't work); a man needs to keep himself in place while masturbating with a jet.

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