1. Good Vibrations Honeymoon Kit is great for non-Honeymooners, too

    Good Vibrations Honeymoon Gift Kit

    A week ago, the German--aka "The Guy"--was able to come and stay with me for a long week's holiday after he had been out of the country for two months. I'm sure you can imagine that I…was looking forward to the trip. I was looking forward to it even more when a couple of days before he arrived, I received in the post a surprise present…The Good Vibrations Honeymoon Gift Kit.

    Now I have been a fan of the Good Vibrations line ever since I had my first Mini Massage Bar (in After Dinner Mint scent--seriously, if you can use that without licking someone at some point, you're just…stronger than I am), but the Honeymoon Kit had languished on my Wish List for some time because, while it looked fabulous, I put it in the "Too Pricey To Buy on a Whim" pile. I am glad that the German is infinitely more sensible than I am in such matters. This kit is just gorgeous from top to bottom--it comes beautifully packaged and is chock full of dozen different ways to have a fabulous weekend (or week).

    Individually, Good Vibrations massage and bath line always get great reviews, but no one has yet adventured into reviewing the Honeymoon Kit…until I did. I don't think you should take my word for it, though. Grab one for yourself, enjoy your time together, and then go add your review over at Orgasm Army. Good words such as this need to be spread.

    I notice that the Honeymoon Kit has recently sold out (I like to tell myself that that was because of my review…), so make sure you ask to be emailed when it is back in stock, or consider trying the Cater to Me Kit, Friday Night Delight, or the Pleasure Me Purse.

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