1. Advanced tips for finding your G-spot

    Advanced tips for finding your G-spot

    If you're yet to find your ultimate hot zone, we've got some great tips that will make your G-spot ultra easy to find.

    We've had loads of e-mails asking for further help in finding the G-spot after our recent tips and survey on G-spot stimulation. If you're one of those who asked for further help, try these nifty little moves:

    - Try searching for your G-spot after you've had an orgasm. The reason for this is because your urethral sponge will have swelled with orgasm, making it much easier for you to find the 'nub' on the inside of your vaginal wall.

    - The best position for finding the G-spot is to lie on your back with your legs spread, knees bent and feet flat on the bed. This open position will make penetration easier and allow you to rest your hand/wrist on your pubic mound.

    - Using a pillow under your buttocks and hips will push your lower body up higher, allowing you to see exactly what you're doing. When you find the G-spot take a look at how you're positioned and take a mental note of it. This will help you when you next go in search of it!

    - Strong, steady and continuous stimulation is what the G-spot likes best so switch from using your hands to using a G-spot sex toy to prevent aching wrists and tired arms.

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    • anand: October 19, 2007 12:24
      Plese send me how to locate the G-Spot.