1. Unleash your orgasmic power

    If you want to truly harness your orgasmic power centre, you really need to start working those abs!

    Our abdominal muscles are key to helping us attain more powerful and faster orgasms, so it makes sense to work them as much as possible. Our abs help us maintain sex positions and keeps our lower backs in line when thrusting.

    If you squeeze and contract your abs during sex, you can even spice up your orgasms to twice their normal power. To get your abs up to speed and harness your orgasmic power centre, try this simple but effective exercise:

    Sit up straight and pull your belly button in for one second, imagining it's touching the back of your spin. Release and repeat until you've done this 100 times, counting aloud with each rep. Aim for between two and four sets of 100 reps each day.

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