1. SLiquid Splash Feminine Wash

    SLiquid Splash Feminine Wash

    How does it work?
    It's a common fact that the majority of soaps and even some shower gels can be too harsh for our delicate bits, which often leads to an imbalance in our vaginal PH levels or irritation of the vaginal skin. So if you want to keep your naughty bits in tip-top shape without running the risk of an irritation, it's SLiquid's Splash Feminine Wash to the rescue.

    Sizzlin' features:
    This naturally unscented vaginal wash is free from glycerin and doesn't contain any toxins, meaning this silky feminine cleanser will remove odor and bacteria without disrupting your vagina's delicate PH balance.

    Top Tip:
    Use a drop of this feminine wash to cleanse your vagina after each sex session, keeping bacteria levels to a minimum and helping to prevent yeast build-up that can lead to thrush.

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