1. "Honey.. I was just thinking..." How To Bring Toys Into Your Bedroom

    Thinking About Toys

    Anyone who knows me, knows that I love toys. It isn't a job for me, peeps--I truly love the tarnation out of all that goes with improving my sex life…be that toys, books, or tips from friendly folks.

    It is inevitable, therefore, that when someone is talking to me, that they will eventually hear about my latest shipment or hear me pontificate on the differences between using a butt plug versus a very slim dildo.

    That is all well and good for me, you might say, but what happens if one's partner isn't as open to the idea of talking about double-pronged vibrators over dinner?

    Well, folks, I believe in sharing the wealth. Let us all get to a better future wherein vibrators are as common-place in your sex life as clean bedsheets (clean bedsheets are commonplace for you, right? I mean, I don't like to judge, but…), where we are all free to talk about what we fantasize about and how to be more open to taking care of our partners as well as they take care of us. Therefore, today starts a series of blogs on how to introduce toys into your sex life. How do you broach the topic to start with? How do you make sure that your partner doesn't end up running into the night? Okay, actually, I can't really help with that--if you're dating a screamer, then you may be beyond my help. But I can give you suggestions for which toys are the best to start with, which ones make the best gifts, and how to go about the whole production.

    And not once will I recommend getting you or both of you drunk. I can actually tell you how to do it so that it is even easier than tequila can make it. So head on back here, folks--same blog time, same blog channel (that would be Friday morning for those of you not yet awake)--for all the advice you can shake a stick at for incorporating toys, fantasy, and play into your sex life.

    Ready for Part Two?

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