1. The Aneros Range... More Than One Size, To Fit All

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    Yesterday I was talking about toys for men who want something out of the ordinary (or just avoid the horrifically non-ordinary, like this little number) and I mentioned the Aneros. I pointed out the Aneros Eupho as being a good example of the line, but really, they're all pretty amazing toys.

    I stand by my article, but I also figured--hey, why would a guy take my word for it? So I thought I would show you a bit of what the men are saying about the Aneros line (see review for all the models here):

    About the Aneros Progasm (which comes in a selection of colours--a nice change from the plain white of previous models. Did…I just show my girly side? Ignore me):

    If you're thinking about buying an Aneros you should visit the forum on Aneros.com for a detailed description of how to use it and what it feels like. Like another of your reviewers I was really lucky: on my first time I had my first orgasm after about 20 minutes and I continued with at least 5 multiples over the next hour(!). I couldn't keep count.

    And when I finally gave in and started rubbing my penis, I swear I orgasmed all the way to ejaculation.

    …Amazing, mind blowing, revelatory. High quality and built for a lifetime of pleasure.

    The Aneros MGX (the smallest of the bunch, for those of you concerned about using anal toys):
    I had heard about this - and didn't believe the hype, but boy was I wrong. This is amazing.

    Inserting it takes a bit of getting used to - just take your time and - funnily enough - try and 'push' it out as you are sticking it in. Oh yes, and use a gallon of lube.

    But once it hits the spot - look out.

    The sensations are intense. The first time I used it I delivered the money shot in a few seconds. The second time I was a bit more careful and allowed it to do its thing. And boy does it do its thing.

    Did you smirk when I mentioned that the MGX is the smallest? Try the Maximus--it's the largest in the range.

    The heading says it all. I bought this little gadget in conjunction with the Pink Lady Fleshlight and the two simultaneously quite literally shattered my pelvis. The orgasm achieved was like none ever experienced. I'm considering firing my secretary because she does not perform as well after hours.

    The Helix is slightly larger than the MGX, but has a more aggressive angle to get the right spot with less work--for the layabouts in the group:

    I then laid on my side with both legs straight and together, and wow! I immediately experienced a very very strong but weird orgasm… like I was cumming but nothing came out, very intense but weird!

    I found if I moved my body as if I was making love, I then had another 2 "dry" orgasms" in a row. What an ace feeling, multiple orgasms on demand!

    The Aneros toys are definitely well worth the investment to see if they work for you--while some men said they struggled to orgasm through just prostate stimulation, those who can…adore it.

    The Aneros line is quite extensive (with five very similar models out there) and it can be hard to select which one is right for you. Remember that the Orgasm Army is out there, giving you reviews from real people who have used the toys. Use them to help you get the right toy. Otherwise, all their orgasms will have been wasted…

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