1. Erotic fantasies: bored husband and the au-pair

    Do you get off on acting out saucy erotic fantasies? Then give the 'bored husband and the au-pair' a whirl…

    You and your lover should try to dress the part for this role, so be imaginative with your wardrobes. It's also a lot more fun if you, the au pair, puts on a foreign accent for the role: try Swedish or French for maximum giggles!

    The plot with this erotic fantasy is that your lover is a husband bored with his current sexual relationship and you're the naughty au-pair living in a foreign country and dying to get laid.

    The wife is away for the weekend and the husband is at home, settling down to watch some TV. Ask if you can join him, hitching your skirt up as you sit down and sitting a little bit too close to him.

    Try to get the husband to make the first move by asking him leading questions and drawing attention to your short skirt hem by using your fingers to trace along the edge of it. When you finally can't take anymore of his procrastinations, pounce on him and make your intentions clear!

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