1. Give your woman serial orgasms

    What's the best gift you can give your girlie? A series of non-stop orgasms, of course!

    Every woman would love to have a serial orgasm, but some find pushing past the first orgasm to get to the next a little unbearable. If you want to help your girlie get a serial orgasm under her belt, here's what you should do:

    Obviously your first hurdle is to make your woman orgasm, as only after she has come once will you be able to tell whether she's into having a serial orgasm. Some women simply find that their clitoris is too sensitive to be stimulated so soon after an orgasm, but you need to keep the sexy momentum flowing.

    So instead of focusing on her clit straight after an orgasm, stimulate the inside of her vagina until her orgasmic contractions have eased off. You can then start stimulating her clit again when she's ready, taking her on to her next orgasm.

    The best time to help your woman achieve a serial orgasm is when her sex drive is at its highest; usually when she's ovulating or just before her period begins. If you're unsure when this is, just ask her!

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