1. Sex in the sea

    Grabbed yourself a last minute holiday and want some fun in the sun? There's nothing more relaxing (or naughtier) then sex in the sea

    Sea water offers unbeatable buoyancy and supports your body weight naturally. It's also highly relaxing to have waves lapping over your body in a soothing motion.

    With this in the mind, you can either wait until the sun starts to go down (when the beach starts to empty) and make love in the shallow with the waves lapping gently over your bodies, or you can be more daring and go out to nipple-deep water and have sex there.

    Because the water will naturally support your weight, it doesn't matter if your lover has little upper body strength as you will be able to swing both legs around him in the sea and he can penetrate you will standing up.

    If you feel a bit exposed having full sex this way, you can always mix up your water sports by jumping on your man for a few quick thrusts in between water volleyball!

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