1. SLiquid H20 Intimate Lubricant

    SLiquid H20 Intimate LubricantThe most versatile lubricant on the market…

    How Does It Work?
    If you want an all-in-one lube that works with condoms and sex toys of any material, the SLiquid H20 Intimate Lubricant hits the spot. Water-based, glycerin free and paraben free, this lubricant can be used in any sexual situation where you need some slickness.

    Use it to lube up your sex toys, during sex with condoms, for some extra wetness during anal play and even to massage your lover's nipples.

    Sizzlin' features
    Sliquid's H20 Lubricant is a dream for those who believe in ethical shopping. This gorgeous lube is not tested against animals and it's suitable for vegans too.

    Top tip:
    Using a few small drops of H20 Lubricant, turn your trusty vibe into a slick loving machine by oiling it's shaft and tip, then slipping it in and out of your vagina while stimulating your clitoris.

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