1. Feisty foot massage

    Massaging your lover's feet can be a thrilling aperitif to oral and penetrative sex

    Using a non-greasy massage oil, add a few drops to the palm of your hands, rub together for even coverage and then begin massaging the soles of your lover's feet with your fingers and thumb pads.

    Avoid using light strokes as this could be too tickly for your partner, which is not our aim here at all! You want to make you lover feel extremely relaxed and pampered, which in turn will make them more responsive to sex.

    Ask your lover what level of pressure they would prefer, as each person is different: you may like a great deal of pressure on the ball of your feet but light little squeezes on the underneath of your toes. It's the same principle for your lover, so find out what they like then get to work!

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