1. Condoms Ramp Up the Fun

    Reckless World of Middle-Aged Sex

    The Family Planning Association and the Department of Health have both recently come out with studies that looked at current sex practices--and while I think it is frickin' fabulous that middle-aged people are having a whole lot more sex (so long as that does not include my mother…*shudder*), there is some cause for concern.

    "Dr Patrick French, a consultant at the Mortimer Market Centre GUM (Genito Urinary Medicine) clinic in Central London, says STI rates in older age groups are rising because such people are not used to thinking about the dangers of casual sex: 'There's a perception that it's only young people who get STIs but I've met many people in their thirties and forties with them.

    'The oldest person I've seen was in his eighties.'"

    What I found most disturbing wasn't just that the numbers of people not using condoms during casual sex (one study suggested as many as a third), but that nearly 36% didn't even like talking about condoms. Two-thirds of those polled just don't bother with a condom when they're drunk. Peeps, infections don't stop just because you're plastered. And if we're all old enough to get naked with someone, we're old enough to talk about rubbers. Wait…that's an Americanism, isn't it? Well, we're definitely old enough to talk about rubbers and condoms, no?

    Because, seriously, when faced with this:

    "..there are currently more than 28,000 adults in Britain with chlamydia and 23,000 with genital warts."

    …we pretty much have two options--stop having sex (!!) or start getting comfortable with all the stuff that goes with the good times. In all things, practice makes perfect. Try saying casually:

    "Do you have a condom?"

    Once you're comfortable with that, you're right up to, "Don't worry…I've got condoms" (ladies, this means you, too--two people naked, two people responsible).

    From there, you're all set to argue with your partner over whether you get to have the ribbed ones you like, or the extra-sensation ones he wants.

    Don't know where to start? Well, free condoms from the clinic are just the beginning of a beautiful relationship (with your little rubber friends). Condoms don't just have to be a chore, they can become something that actually adds to the fun. Not to mention the comfort you'll feel at knowing you're protected only ratchets up your pleasure.

    Try these:

    Durex Pleasure Box Condoms and Vibrating Ring
    1. Durex Pleasure Box Condoms and Vibrating Ring
    This is a great new product just out--combining the Durex Pleasuremax Condoms (these are the ones that come with alternating bands of ribs and pleasure bumps; I can personally testify that they rock) with a vibrating cock ring. I'm a new convert to the vibrating ring…I think everyone should try one a couple of times. The vibration on your clit while having sex is incredible, and gentlemen, I'm sure you'll enjoy seeing your partner's reaction.

     Trojan Magnum Twister Condoms
    2. Trojan Magnum Twister Condoms
    This one is meant to be fun for everyone--it has extra material in a twisted shape that provides extra sensation for both of you. It's patented, so you know it has to be good…:)

    Love Light Glow in the Dark Condoms
    3. Love Light Glow in the Dark Condoms Don't even pretend that you're too cool to love the hell out of glow in the dark toys. Glow in the dark makes everything more fun and you gotta love the "I can see it! I can't see it! I can see it!" good times..

     Durex Tingling Pleasure Mint Condoms
    4. Durex Tingling Pleasure Mint Condoms
    I absolutely adore the Durex Mint Tingle lube. I love that it has a cool/hot/tingling sensation and I love that it tastes minty. Putting it straight onto a condom was just that little bit of genius that gets two thumbs up from me. The benefit to using these condoms rather than just the lube is that you'll get the sensation on the inside of the condom with these. A definite bonus to men who feel like condoms reduce sensations for them.

     Pasante Mix Flavoured Dental Dams
    5. Pasante Mix Flavoured Dental Dams
    When you're talking about being safe, you need to remember that all oral sex should be protected. Including going down on a woman. Dental dams get that job done for you. Adding in flavours means passing along the flavoured fun that used to belong solely to the penises. Penii? You know what I mean.

    We all know that sex is fun. But realizing that safe sex is also fun is key. Don't think of condoms and dental dams as being some sort of cross you have to bear--keep in mind that not only do they keep you safe, but they are like bringing in a whole other toy to play with. And we all like the toys, no?

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