1. Why sex is good for you

    Want a quick fix to feel great and look beautiful? Then it's time to get back in the sack…

    While we all love slathering ourselves in creamy body souffles, bending our mates' ears about the stresses of modern life and slugging back a plethora of pills for skin elasticity, nails and hair, there's one way we can do all this and more for free.

    Sex. Yes, it's that simple. Having sex on a regular basis, whether it be a quickie before bedtime or a strenuous sexathon, getting down n' dirty is scientifically proven to be good for you.

    Sexual arousal and orgasming involve the interplay of several different body systems, meaning your body is getting a workout from the inside out, benefiting your hair, skin, decreasing your blood pressure and stress levels while bringing you closer to your man and boosting your libido even further. Who needs a holiday abroad when your bed is just as good?

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