1. Miss Condom Wears a Rubber Crown

    Durex Love

    All the plain looking women can take heart - now they have the chance to be a pageant winner, too. All they have to do is know about HIV/Aids and know their way around blowing up and twirling condoms… yes, I said twirling condoms.

    In an attempt to increase knowledge about, and therefore decrease the transmission of, HIV/Aids, the Thai government has really stepped to the front line of education and prevention. Twenty contestants - made up of bar girls, some health inspectors, and one lonely transvestite (who later said she had been misled--she thought she would be judged solely on her looks. No one expects to blow up condoms, I guess) - were asked questions about the infection and were tasked with blowing up condoms… I guess as fast as they could. Or maybe it was technique. Who knows? All I know is, twenty women on stage blowing up condoms sounds like a darn good time.

    "'They can understand (condoms). They play with them and there's no value judgment,' said Senator Mechai Viravaidya, known as Mr Condom for his work in promoting AIDS awareness in Thailand. 'It's education plus entertainment,' said Mechai, adding that the 20-year-old contest still helps to remove the stigma of condom use in a nation still ruled by conservative social mores.'"

    Of course, you don't have to travel to far off lands or enter a contest to enjoy good times with condoms - Lovehoney always has a wide selection of condoms, including bringing in new products all the time that have all the bells-and-whistles that you would wan - the new Durex Love is getting a lot of attention over with the Orgasm Army, though I'm still a big fan of the Tingle… whatever you're looking for, take a swing through the whole selection.

    Twirling is strictly optional…

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