1. Have sex while on your period

    Many women feel extra horny during their period, so why not take advantage of your boost in hormones and have a sizzlin' session of sex?

    During our periods, our level of hormones go through the roof, which makes us a lot more sexually bolder, not to mention that the nerve endings in our vaginas and clitoris' are a whole lot more responsive. So if you and you're partner aren't afraid of a bit of blood, period sex can be very satisfying indeed.

    Orgasms can relieve the pain of period cramps, so if you're just starting to have your period (when the flow is light) and are experiencing some painful cramps, ask your partner to indulge you with an orgasm… It's a much more pleasurable way to relieve pain!

    If you're worried about staining your bed sheets, either have sex at the start or at the end of your period when the flow is a bit lighter. You can also put a towel down underneath you during sex or oral sex so that if anything does seep out, your sheets will be protected.

    Finally, if you use tampons, always make sure you lube up after taking it out as your vagina will be very dry due to the tampon soaking up all the blood and excess moisture. Never let your partner go in dry after you've been using a tampon – it will be way too painful and you'll be left with an uncomfortable burning sensation afterwards.

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