1. The hotspots of a man's penis

    Knowing the sweet spots of your man's penis will make your love-making technique sizzle!

    Every man is different when it comes to what turns them on, but the major sweet spots of a penis are generally the same for the majority of men:

    The head of your man's penis is rammed full of nerve endings, much more so than the shaft, so if you want to really push your man's buttons, this is the big one!

    This is an extremely sensitive strand of skin that joins the hand of your man's penis to the shaft, on the underside of the penis. Licking and flicking your tongue against this sliver of skin will drive your man wild…

    The main body of the penis that fills up with blood and hardens when aroused. Even though this is a bit of a given, a well-lubed, varied hand-job that focuses on the shaft as well as the head of the penis is a sure-fire winner.

    The delicate, wrinkly pouch of skin that covers and protects your man's testicles. They may not be the most attractive part of your lover's nether regions, but these bad boys need love too. Keep it simple and sexy by gently sucking each of your man's testicles into your mouth and swirling your tongue lightly over them before releasing.

    Next to the head, this is the other major hotspot that you need to concentrate on. Covering the super-sensitive area between your lover's testicles and anus, the perineum is best stimulated with the flat on your finger pressing against it with varying degrees of a small vibrator held over it.

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