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    Men in Love

    Last week I spotlighted Nancy Friday's "Forbidden Flowers", her second book showcasing real life fantasies that women sent in to her after her first book was published. But as much as I love that volume, my real favorite of her books is her focus on the men--Men in Love.

    Here at Lovehoney, we all tend to focus on the toys--and fair enough with that, because what is better than a bit of playtime? But hidden behind all the racks of dildos, vibrators, and strange contraptions that require manuals and extra lube are hidden treasure troves of erotica. And as much as I enjoy a good erotic novel or series of short stories, I can't think of anything hotter than real men's fantasies…unedited and just as dirty as can be. Considering that this one has four Orgasm Army soldiers singing its praises, I think that that marks it as a worthwhile read.

    Imeldaimelda, a Brigadier in the Army, said of Men in Love: "I think it's really fascinating to know and understand the fantasies that men have and how they differ from my own. Friday separates the fantasies by type into different sections, so if there is a genre that doesn't do it for you, you can easily skip it. These are real, unsanitised fantasies and I know some will not like them, but for me I find them all fascinating and most very much a turn on. … I love this book, and think it's great to read alone or read to your partner as foreplay. It really opens both the mind and the legs!"

    Think erotica is all show and no go? Sexy Bitch, a Captain, would disagree --"Reading this aloud to each other made us real horny and within minutes each time we are either playing with ourselves as the other watches or trying out the ideas the men come up with as pure fantasies. "

    And for me ? "I found this book simply amazing. And unbelievably erotic. I have read the majority of Nancy Friday's books and I've enjoyed them all for what they are--more academic, psychological insights into how and what women are fantasizing about. I greatly appreciated her clear, professional style and was impressed by the courage of the women who shared their stories. But while I found their stories interesting and occasionally used them as fodder for my own fantasies later, I did not find it to be a sexy read.

    This one…is. By a lot. This is a book that you could technically read on a train, as the cover is completely non-pornographic, but I found that I couldn't bear reading more than one story in public. These are fantasies that spark off your own fantasies. I have kept this book by my bedside for weeks now and keep dipping back into it on a nightly basis.

    The writing is much more direct than the previous volumes, as I think the men who wrote in were, for the most part, more comfortable owning their fantasies than the previous women were, so you will definitely find that this book is much more raw and sexual. Where the women often fantasized using metaphor or non-concrete images, these men go right for the pure sex.

    There are certainly sections that you will find less arousing than others--not everyone sparks to the same thoughts--but there is so much here that I can't imagine anyone reading this and not finding something that sticks with them.

    This is definitely a book that requires you writing your name in the front cover and keeping a tight eye on it. I've got several people lining up to borrow my copy…if I can ever bear to part with it."

    Go buy your own copy…trust me, no one will want to lend you theirs.

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