1. Analingus: why licking ass is so good

    Cunninglingus is one thing, but analingus is a whole other world of eroticism…

    If you want to get started with anal play but your lover isn't sold on the idea, Analingus could be the sexual compromise you're both looking for.

    Extremely similar to Rimming, Analingus is where you stimulate the outer area of your partner's anus with your tongue, except that you can dart your tongue in and out for an extra level of stimulation.

    First of all, make sure your lover's anus is clean and that you are wearing oral protection such as the Slicks Microthin Dental Dam. Prop your lover up on some pillows to get a good angle to work from, or ask your lover to kneel on all floors so that you have access to their anus.

    Use your fingers to gently pull your lover's butt cheeks apart, then slowly and lightly start to swirl your tongue around the puckering skin of their anus. You could then flick your tongue against your lover's anus, interchanging between licking, swirling, flicking and darting your tongue in and out of their hole.

    You could also try the Desire Rimming Butt Plug for an authentic rimming sensation.

    Comments (4)

    • Scotty: September 06, 2007 00:07
      Closely inspecting my sweet pink anus is a very big turn-on for me before any licking or rimming is ever done.
    • rivka: February 14, 2008 23:04
      Please contact me if you like being licked, and /or sucked dry. I love being dirty.
    • marcus: March 18, 2008 17:44
      fantastic tell me more
    • navid: November 22, 2010 07:33
      i like it. tell me more.