1. Orgasm boosters: part two

    Need some help getting turned on downstairs? These three female arousal products are said to help set your lips alight…

    It's not uncommon to have never experienced an orgasm through sex or oral sex. Some women just can't seem to arrive at Orgasmville no matter what they do. But don't despair; you needn't settle for a life of only ever orgasming when using your trusty vibrator. There's so many libido and arousal boosting fluids around these days that something must work for you. Here's three of our favourites:

    Hailed as the female version of Viagra and used by millions of women the world over, Zestra has fast garnered a reputation for being the mother of all female arousal fluids. Clinically proven to heighten intimate sensation and satisfaction, Zestra is bursting with natural botanical ingredients such as Starflower and Evening Primrose Oil.

    Although it's not cheap, the results are said to be worth it: to use Zestra, just massage the fluid into your vulva five minutes before you plan on getting hot and heavy, then enjoy it's titillating effects for up to a whopping 45 minutes!

    Tracey Cox's Supersex Orgasm Enhancer Gel
    If your libido is lagging and it's been a while since you've experienced an intense orgasm, Tracey Cox's Supersex Orgasm Enhancer Gel will help you get back on track. Packed full of the super sexy ingredient Arginine, this silky gel is ideal for girlies in need of some extra help.

    Simply pump out a small amount of gel, apply direct to your clitoris then stimulate yourself through solo masturbation, sex toy play or sex with your partner. It couldn't be simpler!

    Flower Power Orgasm Booster Balm
    When it comes to arousing your clit, you won't get any better than the pot of velvety goodness that is theFlower Power Lip Balm Orgasm Booster.

    With shear butter to plumpen and silken your lips, and peppermint to make them tingly and heightened to sexual stimulation, this pleasure pot of an orgasm booster will give your naughty spot a kick-start and get you back on your way to feeling like a sex superstar once again.

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