1. Great sex positions: The Temple

    Your body is a temple, and so is your lover's. Here's a beautiful sex position in which you can worship at each other's temple…

    The Temple sex position is a rather nifty one, so it may be worth you and your lover having a gentle stretch beforehand to make sure your limbs are supple.

    Sit on your bedroom floor or a relatively hard surface (don't try this position on your bed or you will fall over). Your lover should sit with his back straight, his knees bent outwards and the soles of his feet together.

    You should then sit inside his legs, wrapping your legs around his waist with the soles of your feet together behind him. Grasp your lover around the back, while he supports you with his hands around your waist.

    Turn each other on with long, sensual kisses, then when you're both aroused your man should lift you up and forward so that he can penetrate you. Once he's inside you, lean back with your palms on the floor to support yourself.

    Lift your buttocks off the floor and rest your left leg on your lover's right shoulder, then rest your right leg on your lover's left shoulder. Ask your lover to lean back with his palms on the floor to support himself, before he rests his left leg on your right shoulder and his right leg on your left shoulder.

    The both of your should start rocking gently back and forth against one another to establish a satisfying rhythm. If you find this uncomfortable after a while, drop your legs gently and go back to the sensual kissing and rocking.

    There is one more final step to this position, but it's more to do with erotic pose rather than providing any extra sexual benefit.

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