1. 50 Cent Needs a Clone-a-Willy Kit

    Clone-a-Willy Kit

    I was flipping through the channels the other night and stopped momentarily on one of those "Fabulous Life of…" shows wherein they were talking about the sex lives of the rich and richer. They made mention of how the rapper 50 Cent is anxious to start his own line of sex toys--including vibrators modeled after his own…manhood.

    Now I don't know 50 (can I call him "Fiddy"? I think I can) from Adam…and I don't know the first thing about his cock (and seriously…what are the chances that he is going to use his own? This is so very much the time to use that money to hire a stand-in Big Dick, no?) so I have not the first clue as to why he thinks I--or any other woman would want to get off using his…ugh, I need to be more serious. I want to pepper this with "flesh-tool," "man-staff," "pocket-weasel," and the like…I really need to stop drinking when writing about Fiddy's…penis.

    My point is…why pay more for Fiddy's cock when you have one at home that would serve you better with the fabulous addition of batteries and a motor? Oh, yes, I'm talking about making your man immortal (at least until you wear out the motor) with a Clone-a-Willy kit. Men, you can rest assured that there is no one more satisfying to your woman, and ladies can enjoy the satisfaction of the little soldier who has served her so well already.

    If you're feeling peckish or a bit more voodooish, I see that Lovehoney currently has the Chocolate Clone-a-Willy kit and the Candle Clone-a-Willy kit on sale. I am not sure what one would do with a cock-replica candle, but if you figure it out…do let me know.

    Gender equality forces me to point out that there are also Clone-a-Pussy kits on sale here…including regular and chocolate. Good times to be had by all.

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    • MeesterMan: August 29, 2007 21:37
      Damn funny stuff! I'll start handing out my likeness as party favors...
    • McBirdie: August 30, 2007 14:36
      I'm glad you liked it. I'll be looking forward to getting my keychain, then...:)
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