1. 5 Great Sex Toys for Hiding Out in the Open

    I Rub My Penguin Waterproof Vibrator

    Come summertime, there is one thing I know that I can count on same as I count on morning following night - I will have someone staying over at mine. With people coming up for wedding parties and kids off on summer holidays, it's the perfect time to take a weekend and sleep on my couch.

    As much as I love my friends, though, I don't necessarily need all of them to know the intimate details of my toy collection (I save such delicate information for my anonymous readers… ) So in the spirit of giving helpful hints, let me give you some ideas for keeping your sex life out of dinner table conversation (though feel free to put it on the dinner table, if you like… )

    Some of the best toys are stepping away from basic flesh coloured, genital simulators. Not only do these toys rock because they reach areas that others miss, but you can leave them out for guests to appreciate your "art" collection.

    The Cone Vibrator
    1. The Cone Vibrator
    They're starting to get popular enough - and from their reviews, rightfully so - that people might start to recognise what this really is, but until then, it's just a fabulously strange cone on your bedside counter. And really… if anyone does recognise it, you know a bit about them, too.

    Miss Saigon Classic Large Dildo
    2. Miss Saigon Classic Large Dildo
    This is a pricey toy, but it is exquisitely beautiful and could easily sit on your counter as a piece of art.

    Njoy Pure Wand Stainless Steel Dildo
    3. Njoy Pure Wand Stainless Steel Dildo
    This one goes out to all the techies and lovers of industrial art - people who have used it says it hits all the right spots, but looking at it, you would think someone just dropped a bit of chrome sculpture.

    I Rub My Penguin Waterproof Vibrator
    4. I Rub My Penguin Waterproof Vibrator
    Seriously, I have had this one on my bathroom counter for months now and not one guest has realised what it is. He just looks like a cheery bathroom toy.

    Aneros Helix Prostate Massager
    5. Aneros Helix Prostate Massager
    I never forget the men - there is no other name out there like Aneros when it comes to knowing that you are getting something amazing. As an added benefit, no one would know what this is from looking at it.

    But, I can't lie. I don't fill my toy collection only with discreet, obscure toys that no one would recognise. I've got just as many souped-up vibrators, love eggs, and anal beads as the next girl. So for those emergencies, HIDE, HIDE, HIDE.

    The Adult Toybox Sex Toy Case comes in four colours (including a fabulously girly shade of pink that just screams "innocence" even when you're shoving it full of handcuffs, whips, and nipple clamps).

    And for… well… some of us… there is the Extra Large Adult Sex Toy Case. There is no shame in admitting that your collection has reached "extra large" status. At least, I sure hope there isn't…