1. Sex in the bath

    Erotic baths can be extremely sensual, but having sex in the tub can be a bit tricky. Here's some alternative bath-time fun to make you come

    Water can actually dry you out, so add a few drops of lube oil to the water before you get in. Begin by giving your lover a creamy underwater massage with a foam-bursting shower or bath creme, massaging their shoulders, neck, tummy, arms and feet before paying particular attention to their genitals.

    Having sex in the bath can often lead to you or your lover slipping and sliding around, trying to squeeze limbs into tight spaces and getting covered in bruises. A great way to get around this is by giving each other a genital massage in the bath, then when you're both highly turned on, you could get on top of you man and rock both of you to a gentle orgasm.

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