1. Small Beginners Anal Beads

    Small Beginners Anal BeadsThe sassy sex toy to make your debut foray into anal sex a pleasurable one…

    How Does It Work?
    Quite simply, the Beginners Anal Beads are small, plastic pink beads that you can insert into your anus to enhance orgasms and vaginal sex, or to slowly expand and stimulate your outer anal sphincter.

    Lube up your anus with a specifically formulated anal lube such as Aquaglide's Anal Lubricant or the Doc Johnson Anal Lubricant, then slowly insert the anal beads one by one into your anus. Start off with the smallest of the beads, insert it, take a moment to savour the feeling, then move on to the next bead if you want to.

    Sizzlin' features
    This set of anal beads has a handy string pull, ideal for pulling out the beads as fast and as hard as you want!

    Top tip:
    Your outer anal sphincter has tons of nerve endings and will react to even one or two anal beads being inserted. The beauty of these Small Beginners Anal Beads is that you can use as many or as little as you want while still feeling comfortable.
    If you find that there are any rough edges on your anal beads, file them with an emery board until they're nice and smooth.