1. Great sex positions: the Antelope

    If you're a lot shorter and lighter than your partner, the Antelope is a great position to work at as he will be supporting most of your body weight…

    If you're light and supple, this is a great sex position for enjoying close sex and letting your partner take the lead.

    To try out the Antelope position, you and your lover should stand facing each other with your feet together. Your man should then kneel at your feet with his right knee on the ground and his left knee bent.

    He then needs to put his hands around your waist and support you as you lower yourself down onto his left thigh. When you're feeling steady and suitable supported, put your arms around your lover's neck as he slowly begins to stand, supporting you with his lower around your back and you lifting both legs off the floor.

    When your man is standing upright with you wrapped around him, he should bend forward, tilting you toward the floor. Clasping you firmly around your back, your lover should then guide you gently onto his penis. When he's snuggly inside you, start grinding slowly for as long as your man can hold your weight.

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    • emma: August 24, 2007 19:00
      very nice position tried it but why is it calledthe antelope!!
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