1. Three ways to use a mirror during sex

    Making love or masturbating in front of a mirror adds a whole new level to sex. Here's three ways to make it work for you:

    Solo Play
    Masturbation whether using a vibrator or your fingers can at times get a little 'run of the mill', but using a mirror will make it a lot more exciting. Standing, sitting or kneeling in front of your mirror while touching yourself or playing with sex toys is a majorly horny, so try experimenting with different angles too see what turns you on the most.

    Double the excitement of everyday sex by doing it side on in front of a mirror. You can try out tons of different positions, as long as you both have a great view of the action – just be adventurous!

    On top
    If you have a long, slim mirror and you're feeling incredibly saucy, slide it on the floor beneath you then lower yourself down on all fours so that your arms and legs are spread either side of the mirror.

    Once you're ready and have a great view of your body in the mirror, get your lover to enter you in the Doggie position and have sex while using the mirror to watch your lover's penis thrusting away.

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    • emma: August 24, 2007 19:02
      I tried the on top version very fun you get to see his big penis entering you
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