1. Have sex on a swing...

    Spinning Sex Swing…for the best fuck you've ever had

    Spinning Sex SwingEver seen that episode of Sex And The City where Samantha fucks a guy while they both motor back and forth on a swing? Well, you too could do that, as well as oral sex and anal.

    If you have access to a swing such as the Stand Alone Sex Swing Frame or the funky Spinning Sex Swing, the first move you should try out is oral sex. Whether you're going down on your man or he's going down on you, the adjustable swing straps make oral sex easy.

    When you're ready to get adventurous, ask your man to sit on the swing, then lower yourself down onto his penis. You can then start gently rocking back and forth on the swing, using each thrust to plunge and contract your lover's penis inside you.

    For an extra sexy move, use your arms to pull you up and down the swing ropes while your lover uses his hands to buck your hips back and forth while thrusting.