1. How to speed up your girl's orgasm

    It seems like we're forever complaining that men are too fast and women are too slow. So for all you guys who want to come the same time as your partner, here's a few positions that will help to speed up her journey to the Big O

    Before we go any further, it's extremely important that you never rush your lover to have an orgasm. If you pressure her to 'hurry up and get on with it' you may never have the chance to make her come again! Let her relax into it and enjoy herself at all times…

    Woman on top is always the best sex position for increasing your lover's chances of having an orgasm. She's in the driving seat, and can therefore control the depth and speed of penetration.

    One of the best woman on top positions for having an intense orgasm is for you to lie on your back with your legs closed, and your girl to straddle you. Once you have fully penetrated her, let your girl slowly lower her upper body on to your chest then lie her legs directly on top of yours.

    She will then be able to grind up and down against you, providing friction on her clitoris and helping her reach orgasm a lot quicker.

    Another great position is for her to sit on your lap but facing away from you. While she grips your penis with her vaginal muscles and rocks tightly back and forth, hold her labia open with one hand stroke and tease her clitoris with the other hand, helping her to reach orgasm.

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